Mending a Crack in the Sky – Somali Mothers Unite

Mending a Crack in the Sky – Somali Mothers Unite

In a heartfelt initiative, Somali mothers in the community have joined forces under the banner of “Mending a Crack in the Sky,” a powerful short film dedicated to addressing the profound impact of gang violence on families. This gathering in Calgary brought together Somali mothers who lost their loved ones in Calgary.  It was hosted by Somali Canadian Society of Calgary in collaboration with Midaynta Community Services .

Main speakers of the event were the producers of the short film “ Mending Crack in the Sky” a Somali proverb that means if people come together, they can even mend a crack in the sky.

Shamso Elmi and Shamso Mohamoud are two brave mothers who stood up to support their communities and fellow Somali mothers who shared the same grief. With their production it touched the life’s of many more and brought in a much-needed resilience to many families.

Many Somali mothers in Calgary who were grieving alone were uplifted by the event that made a connection with Shamso Elmi and Shamso Mohamoud.

One of the key focal points of the event is to address the pressing need for community-wide support mechanisms. By engaging local leaders, law enforcement, and social service organizations, the Somali mothers hope to spark a collaborative effort in tackling the complex issue of gang violence.

Furthermore, the event offered resources and information on mentorship programs, educational opportunities, and community outreach initiatives aimed at steering young individuals away from the allure of gangs. With a focus on preventive measures, “Mending a Crack in the Sky” aims to break the cycle of violence and provide a brighter future for the youth.

This powerful gathering emphasizes the strength found in unity and the potential for positive change when a community comes together. “Mending a Crack in the Sky” is not just an event; it’s a rallying cry for collective action and a testament to the resilience of Somali mothers who refuse to be defined by tragedy, choosing instead to forge a path toward healing and hope.

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