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Seniors Program

Senior’s program is delivered year round at the Somali Canadian Society of Calgary. Our Seniors are vulnerable group that we pay  specific attention to, many of the seniors programs and planned and executed based on the current seniors needs and available resources. Our senior programs are created to promote the well-being of seniors by providing support services, encouraging active and healthy aging, and by fostering a social environment that is conducive to social participation and prosperity.

Ongoing Program





Senior Computer Literacy Program

Most of us take our skills for granted when it comes to technology. We move effortlessly between applications and multiple devices. We install new software, set up numerous accounts, and easily clear technical hurdles that come our way. Unfortunately, that picture isn’t the norm for many older adults.  That is why Our Computer Literacy Program for seniors is there to impower and educate seniors in our digitally dependent world.

We offer well-rounded courses dedicated to teaching the basics of using technology so seniors can become comfortable with technology and gain personal freedom.

Benefits of Seniors Digital Literacy:

  • Get connected with family and friends
  • Stay up to date with appointments
  • Manage Health- Access to digital healthcare tools makes it easier to manage health
  • Easily recognize internet scams and avoid victimization
  • Provides an avenue for entertainment and leisure activities





Current Schedule

Tuesday’s 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

How to register

Online, or in person at the centre.

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