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The Homework Club

Homework club at Somali Canadian Society of Calgary changes the lives of youth on their path to graduation and strong future by providing free tutoring to students who need additional academic support on a wide range of subjects.

By Somali Community

They also provide a place for students to connect with friends and with supportive adults, a place to feel safe and comfortable while receiving mentoring in life skills, career and port secondary educational opportunities.


Some of the benefits of homework club include students can get to know different kids than those they see at school, That means they don’t have to deal with same cliques and social issues. There’s generally mode adult supervision than on the school playground and feel part of a group.

A good club promotes the cooperation, support and respect. This helps kids feel more secure about joining a game or starting a conversation. And if they slip up, a sympathetic volunteer should be on hand to remind them to take turns or stop interrupting

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Would It Help My Child To Attend An After-School Program That Provides Homework Help?

Many parents are conflicted on whether or not there is any benefit to their child for attending after-school programs that provide assistance with homework. There are indeed many benefits to be had with children attending such programs, and parents should not fret about allowing their children to go to such classes.

Not only are there direct benefits to your children’s education, but also there are many other skills that your child can pick up including social skills. In this article, we will explore many of the benefits that arise from children attending after-school programs for homework help.


Busy Parents

After-school help with homework is particularly useful for busy parents who cannot provide much help to their children. If you find your child constantly asking you to ‘help me do my homework’ but you do not have the spare time to help them, then after-school classes that provide such help are a perfect solution for you.

Encouraging Socialization

One of the best aspects of your child attending after-school clubs is the fact that they will pick up many vital socialization skills. There will be many other students present, as well as teachers, and this will encourage your child to interact with different people.


If you feel that your child is shy and that they need to learn how to be more open, then sending them to an after-school club that provides help with homework is a perfect solution.


More Enjoyable and Interactive

One of the biggest advantages of such after-school programs is that they are not taught as in a formal classroom setting. They are usually very informal, with children encouraged to interact with each other, and to form groups to discuss problems.

As such, if you feel that your child does not enjoy certain subjects at school due to the way in which they are taught, then this is a useful way of making them more interested in those subjects.

It is more useful to send your child to an after-school class than to seek online homework help due to the social and interactive nature of such classes.


For children with attention issues, or those who do not perform well in a formal classroom setting, after-school classes are the perfect opportunity for them to build their confidence.

It’s no surprise that not every child learn the best when they are in a formal classroom. Many do not adjust well to the teaching methods of their teachers, and for many these causes their grades to slip. After-school classes that assist with homework is the perfect solution to this problem, as they can build up self esteem in children as the stakes do not seem as high as in the classroom; students are not punished for failing.

Attending after-school programs that deal with homework is a great way to get your child learning in an interactive manner that is different to how they learn in the classroom. It is a far better alternative than to buy homework online.

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