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What is Tarteel Academy?

Tarteel Academy is a Weekend Quran Program in Calgary placing its emphasis on the recitation of the Quran and Islamic Studies.

The primary objectives of Tarteel Academy are:

  1. To introduce and instil the main teachings of Islam based on the traditions of
    Ahl-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’a.
  2. To enrich the minds of every student each day with a dynamic curriculum
    geared towards developing a strong intellect, firm faith and good character.
  3. Help our students participate positively in the mainstream community in North America considering the unique social & cultural undercurrents of their Islamic heritage.
  4. To provide an environment in which the students can interact with other Muslim children/families

What will be taught?

The Following subjects are taught:

  1. Recitation, writing and reading of the Quran
  2. Memorization of Surahs & Dua
  3. Salaat
  4. Islamic Morals & Manners
  5. Faith & Worship


Registration requires the completion of the following steps.

  1. Submit an application form  [APPLICATION FORM]
  2. Read Academy Guidelines sign and abide by them.
  3. Sign liability Release form.
  4. Pay the Academy tuition fees.


Tarteel Academy
Sh. Fuad
C: 587 586 4531

3822 29 Street NE, Calgary
E-mail : terteel@scscalgary.ca