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the Homework club

Homework club at Somali Canadian Society of Calgary changes the lives of youth on their path to graduation and strong future by providing free tutoring to students who need additional academic support on a wide range of subjects.

Tarteel program

Tarteel Program is a Weekend cultural program placing its emphasis on Somali Language  & cultural classes 

mentorship program

In this program, an experienced professional mentors a participant over a six-month period to help him/her in the planning and development of his/her career. It provides high school graduates  with opportunities for personal growth and professional development. It is also a unique chance for experienced professionals to guide youth by sharing their own career experience and accompanying them as they make decisions about their future.

somali translators

Somali Canadian Society of Calgary provides highly qualified Somali Translators on as needed basis.

We provide certified English to Somali translation services in Calgary and surrounding cities.

If you require a Somali translator please contact us at least 24 hrs prior so we can arrange on timely manner

Stride Advocates in Calgary 

Somali Canadian Society of Calgary has partnered with John Humphrey Center on the Stride Advocacy Project to strength community based advocacy that relates and navigates systems and institutions while building a network of advocates at the community level and across the province.


These advocates will support grassroots agencies as allies as well as provide important support in the community by supporting self advocacy and education. They will be engaged in the delivery of community clinics that aim to create a safe space for people to be heard and supported.


 To to become an Advocate in Calgary please contact us or John Humphrey at below address. or


Our past events

High School Graduation Ceremony

Somali Canadian Society of Calgary organized its annually high school graduation event. It was held on 28th July 2018 at Days Inn

Somali Eid BBQ Event

SCSC organized Somali Eid BBQ event to celebrate the Muslim Eid festival and also enjoy a beautiful summer at Edworthy Park, It was a colorful event with a lot of beautiful children and families

Women’s Mental Health workshop

Mental disorders can affect women and men differently. SCSC organized women's only workshop to discuss and learn more about certain types of depression that are unique to women


Our programs are voluntary based and we welcome any volunteer to help us with the Homework Club which is in high demand. Please fill the contact us form to volunteer.


Mark your Calendar, The Somali Canadian Society of Calgary's annual AGM will be hosted at our center on Tuesday 14th August 2018

Somali Community office space

SCSC now secured a new facility where programs and meetings are run, This facility now provides opportunity for the community to meet and provide much needed services

Our Programs are funded through donations from individuals like you, Donate today

About Us

The Somali Canadian Society of Calgary ( SCSC) is a non profit organization that serves the cultural, psychological and socio-economic needs of the new immigrants, and youth in calgary

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